Discovering Marks…

Once in a while, depending on how high the tides are, we make discoveries that delight and amaze at the same time.

The white markings are from the saltwater that evaporated and, like magic, left behind these cross-hatching marks. Each white mark adds interest to the already fascinating rock and its original colouring. No matter how often I come across these marks, I never get bored exploring them. Each rock section constitutes an artwork itself.

Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy the images above. May you delight in their individuality and differences. Warm wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Discovering Marks…

  1. Thank you, Anna for sharing the “small” things around us. My latest note to self is “Come to Your Senses”. With all of the packing and moving arrangements, more time has been devoted to thinking rather than sensing.
    Yesterday I took some time to savour the sensations in Inglewood. Today there will be time in the yard.

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    1. Brenda, moving is such a huge undertaking… and yes, there is a lot of “thinking” involved. I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy your time in the garden today. Hopefully, it won’t be too hot!


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