Island in the Mist…

Spencer’s Island Beach is the first beach we ever visited after mandatory isolation when we first moved to Nova Scotia. The beach always brings back a strong positive emotional response. I realized that I have now visited this place during all seasons. Yet, never before have I experienced a low tide where I was able to wade out in the sandy area to witness sand dollars partially submerged in a protective layer of sand and covered by the warm waters of the Bay of Fundy.

Further from shore Spencer’s Island was shrouded in mist and looked even more mysterious than during chilly winter months. When I visited here during a rainy day two weeks ago the island was barely visible but this time the water was steely grey and calm and the island appeared to float as it was almost impossible to differentiate between water and sky.

The kelp on the shore and in the water seemed to mimic the shape of Spencer’s Island.

I was struck once again by the inspiring compositions created by Mother Nature. Kelp, dulse and sea lettuce always remind me of abstract paintings where paint remains wet and shiny.

Pondering both, the healing and destructive powers of water, I separated from my group to walk out on a sandy patch between seaweed covered rocks that are only accessible during such a low tide. After only a few minutes I found myself calmer than I have been for days.

We all have our preferred place to find inner peace. Many friends will hike in the mountains or walk across a freshly harvested field on the prairies. the ocean has been my go-to place to regain inner balance and move past emotional turmoil.

Do you have a special place you seek out when your equilibrium is out of balance? Leave a comment below, and share away. May your Sunday be peaceful and rejuvenating, wherever you are! Warmest wishes, Anna

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