The Dulser…

The sea lies peaceful and vast around him, not yet sensing the heat of the day that has been predicted. The early morning mist keeps his skin cool at every step and that reminds him of why he is here.

This is his church, he shares with his companions. This is where he finds peace and solitude. He entertains himself by moving swiftly through the water, eyes downcast searching for unblemished dulse fronds. He bends, with a quick flick he detaches the fronds from the rock they have been attached to during their growing season. It ensures regrowth, he educates his companions.

The dulser moves steadily, bending, collecting, adding to the bag that is quickly bulging outward. We soon lose track of him. He has ventured out far beyond us, then turned around making a wide berth around us as he returns to the shore, bag heavy with treasure, encouraged by the turning tide.

Hope you enjoyed this Nova Scotia moment to set the tone for Sunday. Enjoy the day! Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “The Dulser…

    1. Actually, the way we learned what to harvest was by going out with an avid dulser. There is only one type of dulse, the rest are kelp and other forms of seaweed. Dulse is unique and as far as I know, there is no form of dulse that is deemed poisonous. Once I knew what to look for it was simple. We harvest it in net sacks and then dry it on a rocky shore. Last week was perfect… the rocks were already hot from the sun and it took no time at all to dry the harvest. We have enough to see us through to next spring. Our dogs love it… they get a little piece with dinner every night.


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