Rain or shine…

… the Fundy Shore is always a treat! We attended Thursday Night Story Time last night. After a day of running errands in Truro we arrived back in Parrsboro and had barely enough time to put the groceries away and head to Ottawa House Museum. The rain had held off until just before we arrived at our last destination for the day.

At first I was drawn to the heavy raindrops suspended from the fruit-laden tree..

With time to space I aimed the camera at the shoreline toward the town of Parrsboro…

…and then toward Partridge Island and East Bay!

The waves were lapping at the shore and perhaps it was my imagination, but the sounds were muffled with the heavy mist shrouding the magnificent landmarks. I decided to take the time and hurried down the path to the beach to get a better look.

Just before I tucked away my phone I decided to zoom out and that was the precise moment when the landscape transformed…

Presenting my favourite image from last night… mysterious and mesmerizing. Taking the extra minute to get down to the beach for a better look was definitely the best decision I made all day.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with magical moments like this! Best wishes, Anna

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