Somewhere Between Harrison Settlement and Yorke Settlement

We haven’t done much this summer… our camper has been sitting in the driveway and only recently did we obtain the required safety inspection before licensing the trailer. Summer is nearing its end and with so much going on locally and pandemic numbers increasing we have stuck close to home.

When the walls close in we jump into the car and go exploring close to our village. One of my favourite drives is the road, if you can call it that…, between Harrison Settlement and Yorke Settlement outside of Parrsboro. The first time I drove it we discovered Chanterelle mushrooms in abundance. Since then more mushrooms have emerged but with my limited knowledge of the different varieties and their edibility I am sticking to photographing rather than harvesting. Here are a few images from a late afternoon drive.

As we pulled into the driveway the clouds parted and revealed the most impressive light.

Sticking close to home isn’t too bad when you live in the Bay of Fundy area… There is always something to see and a place to explore.

Wishing you a fantastic day. Best wishes, Anna

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