Some Thanksgiving Weekend Impressions

The view from the front door at Ottawa House by-the-Sea where I am spending my days volunteering this weekend. The colours are changing and turning more intense each day! And best of all: we celebrated this sweet girl’s third “Gotcha Day” Happy Thanksgiving Monday from Parrsboro. Enjoy your day, Anna

Explosion of Colour

Each day there are changes… fall colours are getting stronger and more prolific. I am hosting our local Contemplative Photography group tomorrow morning, the theme is “Flowers & Weeds”. I look forward to everyone’s submission for the review. Fall is the perfect time to explore this particular theme. Here are a few of my findsContinue reading “Explosion of Colour”

Early Autumn Colours

I was very relieved today: we were out running some everyday errands when I decided to check on a place where the fall colours took my breath away last year. I am happy to report: There is colour among the trees! The prediction that Fiona’s “visit” last week would curtail the annual colour show weContinue reading “Early Autumn Colours”

Have you ever visited a Sugar Bush?

The sugar bush last March and in glorious autumnal colours… Join me for a jaunt through the forest today!

Backyard Tranquility

One does not have to venture far to take in the fall colours in Nova Scotia. All it took for me was a few steps down the sloping back garden and…. voila!

Somewhere Between Harrison Settlement and Yorke Settlement

…when the walls close in we head for the hills and explore nearby areas…