Cotton Candy Coloured Horizon

Last evening’s walk brought on memories of cotton candy, that sugary air, that sweet blue light spun of nothingness… Memories of the six-year-old girl who had tasted the sweetness of air for the first time, which still clings to her lips and disappears when she breathes.

The 360 degree vista was bathed in soft light, with coloured clouds separating sky from land and ocean, reminiscent of tall mountain peaks and waves gently lapping at the pebbles. The magic of the moment was not lost on me and my walking companion.

The crowning glory was the moment when the sun bade her last farewell as she slipped behind the clouds in the west. The perfect ending to a long day.

Wishing you a Friday, the first day of October 2021, filled with peaceful moments like these. Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Coloured Horizon

  1. gorgeous pastel shades of wonder, You have travelled from the beautiful open sky of the prairie to the splendor of where the sea meets the sky to discuss the next day,

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