Halloween Impressions…

I am so glad I captured these images late Friday afternoon… glorious sunshine, pumpkins lining the steps of the front porch, the oak tree in full colour… images that convey the warmth of the season.

The hydrangea in the late afternoon sun drew my attention and I love the images I was able to capture thanks to the perfect angle of the sun.

And then, when I walked into the living room this morning I was reminded that it is Halloween…

We may not have the snow we used to “enjoy” in the west this time of year… I am not even talking about the light rain that started the day. Can you see what caught my attention? Who and what created these strange, sperm-like and unwanted window decorations? The question remains unanswered. I will just blame it on some unknown spirits that might have passed through the backyard during the night.

At any rate, the windows won’t get washed by human hands anytime soon… the heavy rain and wind are keeping us indoors today.

The view from my temporary studio space on Main Street shortly after noon…

It’s the kind of day to be enjoyed indoors. The candy is ready for the trick or treaters that may venture out later. Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Happy Halloween, Anna

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