Of Long Shadows and The Last of the Autumn Colours…

Can you hear it? When the sky is cloudless and deep blue and the sun shines brightly at 3:30 in the afternoon the beach is calling! We parked the car outside the gate to Glooscap Campground and my attention was drawn immediately to the long shadows the trees cast along the path, a clear indication of fall and the angle of the sun’s path.

The rising tide brought with it some fishing boats heading toward the Parrsboro Pier, always a great sight when strolling along the beach.

The autumnal light illuminated the red sandstone cliffs to reveal their unique striations while the pups enjoyed some off-leash time on the sandy part of the beach. Even the little dogs cast long shadows…

Despite the fall colours well past their peak we discovered and delighted in these beautiful sights. What a wonderful surprise to find these trees in full leaf painted in the brightest colours Mother Nature could find in her paintbox…

As the sun was setting we reflected on our year of living in Nova Scotia. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our release from quarantine after arriving in the province. A year ago the leaves were off the trees but the light was as magical and the weather nearly as perfect for our first beach excursion in late October 2020…

Have a fabulous Saturday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

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