Frosty Morning

This time of the year is always bitter-sweet for me. I am not a huge fan of winter (although I realize how important winter is in our yearly cycle). I love the colourful display autumn has in store for us, especially since we moved to the Maritimes.

We woke up to the first hard frost this morning. On the way to my ArtLab Studio Space, I noticed a cluster of leaves in various stages of decay. These demanded my immediate attention. I bent down and angled the camera to capture the icy beads on the leaves’ veining and every once in a while there was a shaft of light that illuminated the leaf to highlight the initial colour. It was truly mesmerizing and such a fleeting moment in time. Once the sun reached the angle to bathe these leaves in the warm autumn light the icy beads melted and the leaves continue in their slow decay. Feel free to click on each image to see minute details.

Thanks for stopping by on this sunny fall day in the Bay of Fundy. Autumn Blessings for all, Anna

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