The Puddle

I could see the front door as I hurried past the frozen puddle this morning. Warmth was beckoning, the sunlight reflecting off the metal-clad chimney. I quickly reconsidered, turned around, away from the direction I was heading in while pulling the camera from my pocket.

The frosty patterns on the messy puddle were just too intriguing to ignore. Here I was, bending low, cars passing, heads turned, wondering what this crazy woman with two leashed ShihTzus might be doing, crouched low to the ground.

No, I didn’t drop anything! I was fully immersed in “filling the frame” with ordinary magic: There were leaves frozen into the ice, patterns resembling clouds and amazing lines I would never dream of putting on paper with a pen.

Beauty is all around us. It’s ours to discover every day. We just have to open our eyes and discover it. Happy Saturday! Best wishes, Anna

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