Putting Parrsboro, NS on the Map…

A couple months ago I visited the newest B&B in Parrsboro and I fell in love with this from the gound-up renovated and well-appointed inn. Here is a link to the previous post showcasing each room and elaborating on individual highlights. At the time of my first visit Heidi, the owner with a vision, mentioned that she was looking forward to the Christmas season. I promised then that I would pop over and capture the Pleasant Street Inn in its best seasonal “light”.

I passed the Inn after sunset several times over the past couple of weeks and I could not help but slow down and take in the inviting outdoor light display, a preview of what would await inside…

The Inn is the only year-round Bed & Breakfast option in Parrsboro. Once you step through the door it’s hard to imagine why you waited so long to check in! The decor is warm, inviting and very soothing. The weight of outside stress literally lifts off one’s shoulders upon entry and you cannot help but get immediately drawn into the well-appointed kitchen to sink into the comfortable couch for a pre-dinner drink or afternoon coffee before taking the luggage upstairs to one of the dreamy rooms. It’s easy to imagine claiming a spot at the island and/or dining table for one of Heidi’s delicious customized breakfasts. Thoughtful seasonal touches add a touch of luxury to make a stay at the Pleasant Street Inn even more memorable.

The curved stairway leads to the well-appointed rooms upstairs. There are plans for additional, more accessible rooms to be built in the future. So don’t dismiss this Inn just yet!

There have been a few additions in the guestrooms since my last visit: Each room now boasts its own fireplace to add more comfort and coziness. Who can resist pulling up a chair next to the fire to curl up with a book, or lounge on the bed to watch a movie? And then there is always the view over the tidal river of the inner harbour.

Every turn one makes affords the discovery of previously unseen treasures. Heading down the stairs to the main floor provides a new angle to admire details of the decorations on a narrow ledge.

Are you ready to book your room but not sure what to do in Parrsboro this time of year? Don’t let winter keep you away. Parrsboro is located in the heart of the UNESCO designated Fundy GeoPark. The natural history of this area is fascinating. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world (up to 54′), countless beaches, each with its own special features to discover. The road between Parrsboro and Advocate is nicknamed “The Mini Cabot Trail”. You have to drive it to confirm the claim!

If you have a warm jacket make sure to pack it. The wind can be fierce but the beaches are definitely wide open and devoid of people! And what could be better than a warm Inn to return to for a hot shower or bath and cozying up to a fireplace in your room…

Hope you enjoyed today’s special feature of the Pleasant Street Inn ready to welcome guests over the holidays and year-round! Book your room soon and tell Heidi that Anna sent you.

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