Great Village…

…a great village to explore, especially if you are into antiques and collectibles. Perhaps you are a regular viewer of CBC’s Land & Sea and caught this episode that first aired on November 21st? Perhaps you watched it but didn’t really know where this grouping of antique stores can be found. Wonder no more: Great Village is only a 45-minute drive from Parrsboro and we have stopped into the old general store nearly every time we head to Truro or Masstown Market.

Last year, only days after we signed on the dotted line to finalize our home purchase, we stopped in and found an old sewing cabinet. By adding wheels and a stainless steel top we have the best kitchen island we could have ever imagined! The narrow profile fits the small kitchen perfectly. Thus started our love affair with Great Village Antiques…

We stopped into Great Village Antiques last Monday, one last time before they close on Christmas Eve till sometime in April. We were not disappointed: It wasn’t crowded, the individual dealer areas were a little bare, so we didn’t get too overwhelmed. Best of all, almost everything was on sale. I found a Blueberry Cookbook I have been eyeing for some time, a Christmas songbook with sheet music, an elephant salt and pepper shaker and the treasures above. The antique basket is waiting for a gentle rub down with a damp cloth. Otherwise, it is in very good condition. The muffin tin (a super bargain at $ 8) will join the cake tinklGFBFP;[

A few weeks ago we found the perfect coffee table, an elegant piano bench that is the correct size for our smallish living room. We have been quite successful in completing our furniture line-up for our home thanks to Great Village Antiques. Colin has found a few antique weaving shuttles and perns along the way that are adding to his weaving tools in his studio.

Hope you enjoyed this little introduction to our favourite antiques haunt… One never knows what we come across next. These cups drew me in a couple of months ago. They are by no means antique but I struck a great bargain! They were $ 15 for both and when I did some research online I could not find them for less than US $ 35 each plus shipping…

We wish the owner Cees and his staff some relaxing downtime over the next few months. We can’t wait for the 2022 season! Best wishes to all, Anna

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