Storm Report

True to the forecasts we have been following all week, the big winter storm arrived yesterday afternoon. The wind was fierce all night, we lost power for about 11 hours and the snow drifts are impressive.

View from the living room at first light today…
…and from the kitchen window overlooking the street.

It took some time to dig a narrow path across the back deck for our short-legged ShihTzus to go outside😊.

Our crow gathering tree was decapitated!😢

The most disappointing discovery for us was the “crow tree” decapitation by the strong and relentless winds. We consider ourselves very fortunate that we have not suffered more damage. The storage shed is standing, the camper is upright, windows are intact and the patch job on the roof from Thursday seems to have done the job. At the moment we are sorting out why our internet is not working…

In the end, it will all work itself out. The heat is on and I am hugging a hot cuppa full of gratitude that we have weathered our first big winter storm in the Bay of Fundy.

Happy weekend, everyone! Stay safe, stay warm! Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Storm Report

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve come through it relatively unscathed. Canadian winter storms are never something to be taken too lightly. I think they have a way of humbling us. Hugs

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    1. They sure do, Eileen! This was our first big one since we left SK winters behind. I wasn’t worried… somehow living in a town took my concerns away. Community is so important to someone’s peace of mind!


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