Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…

…”I don’t think you can do that…” was the answer to my question shortly after we arrived in late 2020. I had inquired with the walking group I belonged to at the time. It’s taken me nearly 18 months to prove to myself that crossing the mudflats is definitely an option.

I arrived at Wasson’s Bluff right at low tide on Saturday. After meeting a group of women hikers from Moncton and a casual chat the question about how to reach Clarke Head popped up. That’s all it took for me to challenge myself for the day. After bidding each other farewell I set out on my beach walk and the closer I got to the crucial crossing point the more convinced I was that it is doable!

I managed to cross without sinking too deeply into the mud and soon I was walking on the familiar rocky terrain I know so well around Clarke Head. The sun was shining, a light breeze blowing and the walking was easy. It was in awe about the seaweed covered rocks below and around the path I chose. These rocks are a constant reminder that at high tide one no longer sees them due to the vast volume of water covering the entire area!

It didn’t take long to reach the immediate vicinity of Clarke Head with its majestic natural arch.

This place never gets boring! Once again I paid tribute to this amazing place along the Fundy Shore in the heart of the Fundy GeoPark. I walked around the arch, took advantage of the deep blue sky dotted with a few fluffy white clouds to get postcard shots. Looking toward Parrsboro I made sure the mighty sea stack is still keeping watch over the beach.

I realized that the tide was rolling in and I best get back on my way to return to my starting point.

There truly was no issue with timing to make it to Clarke Head and back to Wasson’s Bluff. The tide was not lapping at my heels and I had extra time to get close to the little waterfall.

It’s clam digging season and this area is a popular spot to bring a bucket and spade to. I love these scenes where people go about their day pursuing their passion.

My round-trip on foot took about two hours at a leisurely pace. At no time was I out of breath or had to stop to rest. I started right at low tide and had plenty of time to return to my car. On the way back to town I did see the area around the arch filling in with water. So, if anyone plans to follow in my footsteps, give yourself time and watch the tides.

Hope this little recap in images and word are setting the tone for a fabulous week! Best wishes, Anna

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