Parrsboro at Sunrise…

Getting up before sunrise happens when an early hike is planned. Today I am showing a visitor to Parrsboro some of our spectacular sights in the Fundy GeoPark.

Our first stop is Wasson’s Bluff. The sunrise was spectacular at the bottom of our backyard and when I turned to make my way to the meeting place at the Fundy Geological Museum a double rainbow “pillar” beckoned! The rain had stopped and the sun was pushing it’s way up and through the clouds. What a perfect start to a fabulous day!

Hope your day is going as well as mine! Best wishes, Anna

The beach at low tide at Wasson’s Bluff with Two Islands in the distance.

2 thoughts on “Parrsboro at Sunrise…

    1. I agree! I was hesitant to share but these are exactly what I witnessed. I have only captured colours like this once before, ten years ago in northern Saskatchewan… and it was followed by a tornado twelve hours later.


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