Rock Hounding in the Bay of Fundy

Exploring the beaches has become my passion. Sharing the area with visitors is the next best thing. This week I am spending time with a young rock hounder from Quebec. Our first stop was Wasson’s Bluff shortly after sunrise on Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon we ventured to Five Island Provincial Park to explore the beach around the “Old Wive” formation. It was a bit of a hike into the park as it isn’t open to the public till Friday this week.

Wednesday morning Partridge Island was on the agenda where we did well looking for amethyst and agate.

We finished the day at Clarke Head at low tide and just before sunset. I am pretty sure my new friend’s first visit to the Parrsboro Shore won’t be her last!

As you read this post we are on our way to Horseshoe Cove and Cape d’Or this morning. Images will follow.

Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday. Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Rock Hounding in the Bay of Fundy

  1. She might enjoy a visit to Tyson’s Fine Minerals at 114 Lamb’s Hill Rd. in Parrsboro as well. Owners Rod and Helen were university geology classmates and friends of my husband. Nice people and I’m sure have some interesting stories. You can google Tyson’s Fine Minerals for more information.

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