When the rainy day turns…

The morning walk definitely called for raincoats and despite the jewel-like raindrops on leaves and flowers it was a very short excursion through the neighbourhood.

Eventually the clouds cleared and Ottawa House beach beckoned. I was pleased to see three Plein Air participants capturing the impressive vistas.

Parrsboro Creative is currently hosting the International Plein Air Painting Festival (PIPAF) with 30 juried artists from across Canada and the USA. The weather has been favourable and I love meeting the artists in all settings.

I had the pups with me and decided on an impromptu photoshoot on the beach. It was a bit like herding chickens. Suddenly neither of them remembered the “sit and stay” command. This was the only image I managed to capture that was worthwhile sharing.😁

It’s definitely summer, the tides leave beautiful messes behind!

Before I saw them I smelled them… the much anticipated wild roses on the beach! They are much different than those we find in the prairies… these permeate the air with their sweet perfume to attract insects and humans alike.

I could not resist and picked a handful of blossoms…

Happy Friday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

4 thoughts on “When the rainy day turns…

  1. Don’t publish this message Anna! My previous one was obviously misinterpreted so I apologize. It was the lupine photo & my comment was in reference to Monty Python. I see lupines & I hear John Cleese shouting, “Give me all your lupins!!” Immature I know!! 😄

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