Cape Sharpe Lighthouse

My friend Adrienne and I had planned this short hike a while ago. Our schedules lined up for this morning and it promptly started to rain at the agree pickup time.

We persevered and by the time we arrived at the trailhead the rain had stopped.

The rugged hiking trail is steep and I had to pace myself. But the rewarding views made the cardio workout worthwhile. I can cross Cape Sharpe off my hiking bucket list! Can’t wait to return on a sunny day.

Not sure why I waited so long to go! Happy Tuesday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

5 thoughts on “Cape Sharpe Lighthouse

  1. Just look at that vibrant red in the roots! Wow. This sure would excite Stepehen Beal, the late American Master Embroiderer who especially delighted in various shades of red DMC floss, and who could hardly restrain himself from waxing so eloquently about different shades and hues of red in his delightful book of poetry ” The Very Stuff. “Poems on colour, thread and the habits of women”. I wonder what DMC floss number he would assign to that red, given that he almost developed a descriptive language around DMC floss numbers? He would have been ecstatic with this awesome photo – may even written a poem about it!

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