Some much deserved backyard love…

…or more appropriately: Poppy Love!

I have always delighted in growing poppies. During our last years in Calgary we had a poppy bed in the front yard people would drive to and take photographs of. We took some of the seeds with us when we moved to Saskatchewan. But, no matter how hard we tried, year after year, a big fat NOTHING! I gave up. Then, last year I spotted the most beautiful pink poppies in my friend’s garden here in Parrsboro. She generously shared seeds with me. We planted them anticipating first blooms in 2023.

Imagine our surprise when the first poppy flower burst open in all is splendour on June 30th. These poppies are just stunning and I can’t get enough. Each day I visit the flower bed looking for changes, more buds, new blooms and any tiny changes nature cares to share with me.

All the images are straight out of my iPhone 13 – no filters, no cropping, no sharpening – captured as these details presented themselves.

I hope you enjoy these intimate images and that they will set the tone for a fantastic week! To all my friends and followers: Happy 4th of July. Best wishes, Anna

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