Some much deserved backyard love…

…or more appropriately: Poppy Love! I have always delighted in growing poppies. During our last years in Calgary we had a poppy bed in the front yard people would drive to and take photographs of. We took some of the seeds with us when we moved to Saskatchewan. But, no matter how hard we tried,Continue reading “Some much deserved backyard love…”

Wild Roses in the Bay of Fundy

Each June the wild roses burst open and invade gardens, road ways and beaches with their bright colour and intoxicating scent! This rose bush is just a few steps from our home, I must return to the Phinney Green where the wild roses are mesmerizing! All the best for a fabulous Wednesday! Anna

Lupin and Iris Patches by the Beach!

When a friend texted last night to invite me to walk with her I was able to show her some places about town she had not discovered yet! It’s always such a pleasure to witness newcomers’ delight in new scenery… I was excited about the change along First Beach. A week ago dandelions lined theContinue reading “Lupin and Iris Patches by the Beach!”