Lighthouse Beach in Parrsboro

It’s a glorious summer day here in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Time for a short excursion close to home. I decided to get out to the lighthouse as the tide was going out. I have been here once before. That experience was vastly different… it was early January and the wind was howling.

Today’s excursion was beautiful! There were flowers, a warm breeze that made the heat bearable and best of all, not a soul in sight. I didn’t hurry at all and my hour spent in solitude kicked the weekend off in style.

It’s hard to envision that the waves lap at the foundation of the lighthouse during high tide.

The view from the lighthouse peninsula is stunning and provides another impression of the pier.

On the way back to the car I was reminded of my visit to Cape Cod a few years ago. I loved Cape Cod, the sandy beaches, refreshing breezes, quaint cottages… after living here for nearly two years I feel the same about Parrsboro and the shore lining the Minas Basin.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend, Anna

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