Spring Tide

We don’t see this often: a fishing boat visible from across the parking lot of the pier in full view! It’s a sign of the extreme high tides referred to as ‘spring tide.” Turning to the left toward the Minas Basin the Parrsboro lighthouse has waves lapping at the foundation and the approach to theContinue reading “Spring Tide”

Quiet Time Before Sunset…

Took my Hampton Cruiser for a loop around town last night. There was a concert at The Hall and the streets were deserted. It suited me just fine as I did not have to compete with too many cars for space on the roads. My destination was First Beach. The light was soft, there wasContinue reading “Quiet Time Before Sunset…”

Lighthouse Beach in Parrsboro

It’s a glorious summer day here in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Time for a short excursion close to home. I decided to get out to the lighthouse as the tide was going out. I have been here once before. That experience was vastly different… it was early January and the wind was howling. Today’s excursion wasContinue reading “Lighthouse Beach in Parrsboro”

The Beach

I came for the waves… but found lovely wet beach treasures. Enjoy!

Fresh Eyes…

Join me for one of my morning walks! From perfect sky reflections, to a lone fisherman on the shore and aged sea glass. The day started out perfectly!

Looking up… and down

…proof and a vivid reminder to look around and take in all sights. It’s so easy to just focus on one plane and miss something else entirely. Enjoy the sights through my lens…