Just had to do it again!

…walking around Two Islands, that is!

A small group got together this morning and crossed over to the Big Island. This time we walked counter-clockwise.

I tried to weigh one route against the other and they measure up equally. I was glad I had made the treck just a couple of days ago as I was prepared for slippery sections. And I avoided the larger rocks near the arch, it really is easier to walk along the water’s edge!

Unexpected vistas and treasures under foot make each circumnavigation unique!

Happy Sunday everyone! Best wishes for a relaxing day, Anna

3 thoughts on “Just had to do it again!

  1. The first photo evokes an image of a giant creature whose huge head with trees for hair, is munching on big round prickly plants and whose forward movement is with very thick feet! Amazing creatures seem to be numerous in these beach environments portrayed by camera lenses of the photographers.

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