Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach

It was lightly snowing in Parrsboro today but I had to scout a beach for a hike scheduled for Wednesday. Risk Assessment and hazard reduction/elimination is first and foremost on a field leader’s mind when planning a group hike. The approach to this beach can be difficult with washed out sections but today it passedContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach”

Just had to do it again!

…walking around Two Islands, that is! A small group got together this morning and crossed over to the Big Island. This time we walked counter-clockwise. I tried to weigh one route against the other and they measure up equally. I was glad I had made the treck just a couple of days ago as IContinue reading “Just had to do it again!”

Circumnavigating Two Islands

Today has been momentous: I joined a hiking friend in a walk around the Two Islands and it was amazing. I have always been fascinated by these basalt giants but after actually crossing the knee-high water at low tide toward Big Brother I have a whole new appreciation for these geological formations. The rocky beachContinue reading “Circumnavigating Two Islands”

Sharing the Experience!

As newcomers to the Parrsboro Shore you know that you belong once you have experienced the “Meeting of the Waters” at Two Islands around the full moon. Another new member to the community reached out last week to find out more about hiking and exploring the beaches. I decided to share the ultimate experience withContinue reading “Sharing the Experience!”