Soley’s Cove on a misty morning…

I have walked the beaches and explored the coves here in summer and winter, in bright sunshine and stiff breezes. Never before have I experienced this beach in truly flat light with light rain falling.

Between the crumbling cliffs and the ever-changing sea stack it was once again a sight to behold.

We are entering the full moon phase and with that the tides are at their lowest and highest points. We arrived at the beach with the tide steadily rising. Once we walked past the ubiquitous Soley Cove Stack it became obvious that we best turn around or be cut off by the incoming water.

An eagle poised to get airborne in the adjacent Cove had kept our attention just a few moments too long. We climbed over a rocky outcropping to quickly get back on solid ground to exit the beach in plenty of time before the waves lapped at our toes.

No matter the day, season or time. Soley’s Cove is one place along the Fundy Shore that is filled with experiences for nature lovers.

Thanks for tagging along on this short excursion. Enjoy your Thursday, Anna

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