Low Tide Soley’s Cove Excursion, Day 2

The weather was much better today when I left the house at 6:15 a.m. to take full advantage of another ocean floor walk at Soley’s Cove. The sky was constantly changing despite a lack of wind. It was such a wonderful walk with a friend. Conversation flowed easily as we walked across the firm sandContinue reading “Low Tide Soley’s Cove Excursion, Day 2”

Soley’s Cove on a misty morning…

I have walked the beaches and explored the coves here in summer and winter, in bright sunshine and stiff breezes. Never before have I experienced this beach in truly flat light with light rain falling. Between the crumbling cliffs and the ever-changing sea stack it was once again a sight to behold. We are enteringContinue reading “Soley’s Cove on a misty morning…”

Return to Soley’s Cove as the Tide Rolls in

My friend and I were looking for a less populated beach to explore this morning. We found just what we were looking for at Soley’s Cove in Lower Economy. We removed our shoes and walked through the fine red sand for a bonus pedicure… …uttering with gratitude in our voices “We live here!” Enjoy theContinue reading “Return to Soley’s Cove as the Tide Rolls in”

Another Day, Another Tour: Soley’s Cove at Low Tide

A vacationing couple from Halifax contacted me Saturday morning. Heidi from the Pleasant Street Inn suggested had passed on my information and we connected in person just as they were finishing one of the Pleasant Street Inn’s epic breakfasts. We met up Sunday afternoon and ventured out onto the mudflats together for a two hourContinue reading “Another Day, Another Tour: Soley’s Cove at Low Tide”

Soley’s Cove Sea Stack in the Mist

Remember my post from the fog-shrouded Parrsboro Lighthouse? On the way home from Truro we took Soley Cove Road at the foot of Economy Mountain. My friends who travelled with me had not been here before but were very happy I shared this little side-excursion and vista with them. Enjoy the mysterious images. Happy Friday,Continue reading “Soley’s Cove Sea Stack in the Mist”