Low Tide Soley’s Cove Excursion, Day 2

The weather was much better today when I left the house at 6:15 a.m. to take full advantage of another ocean floor walk at Soley’s Cove.

The sky was constantly changing despite a lack of wind. It was such a wonderful walk with a friend. Conversation flowed easily as we walked across the firm sand watching for snails and green crabs seeking refuge in shallow puddles.

We explored several coves and their environments, each presenting its own unique mood.

It’s never easy deciding when the time comes to turn back so one does not get surprised by the incoming tide. We had headed out very early and by the time we returned to our starting point the clam harvesters had disappeared from the beach and the tide had turned to slowly cover the mudflats once again with salt water.

Happy Friday, everyone! The weekend will be busy with exploring new territory for hiking and volunteering for the Not Since Moses Run at Five Islands. The Fundy Shore never lacks interest. Stay tuned for new images and reports soon. Best wishes, Anna

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