Off The Beaten Path: Londonderry, NS

On our way home from shopping in Masstown we turned right toward Londonderry at the crossroads in Bass River. Finding our way to Londonderry, an old mining town, has been on our agenda for two years. The sun shone brightly but it was too chilly for a walk with -15C due to a steady wind. So the impromptu Sunday road trip was the best option.

We travelled mostly on pothole-riddled gravel roads, through woods, past isolated homes and farms. Once we crossed the Trans Canada Hwy via a tall bridge the village of Londonderry appeared in the distance

There wasn’t much to discover in the village. I had hoped to come upon remnants of the mining site. The only sign of its historic significance was situated on the north side of the road. The Geosite sign drew our attention. We pulled into the minuscule parking area and explored Londonderry Memorial Square.

We left with our curiosity heightened. It is our goal to return in spring or summer. Meanwhile we shall engage in some research about Londonderry, it’s industry and the families that lived and prospered there.

A Sunday well spent! We discovered another historic site in the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark. Thanks for coming along. Best wishes, Anna

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