Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike

I missed out on the great weather yesterday. Despite the rainy day forecast I decided to venture to Clarke Head with the outgoing tide today. I barely made it to the beach when the drizzle started but water and wind-proof clothing kept me warm and dry for the two hour excursion.

Partridge Island and Cape Sharpe (images above) moved in and out of the mist. It literally was every five to ten minutes that these two landmarks went from hidden to clearly visible.

The same held true for Cape Blomidon… it literally took only seconds to experience the two extremes.

Along my well known path I took time to explore one of the rock formations. The Old Man Seastack revealed another secret to me, can you see the tiny opening?

Hiking to Clarke Head in the rain always holds special magic for me. I don’t meet anyone on the vast stretch of beach, my thoughts roam freely and I always come home with new ideas and plans.😊 Hiking in the rain alone has proven to be my #1 contemplative practice.

Best of all, the world was definitely not a natural grey scale: I found colour everywhere!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! We are in for more rain… the trees have huge raindrops suspended from their branches. Stay dry, Anna

2 thoughts on “Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike

  1. I am beyond excited and almost beyond words by these absolutely stunning photographs. One can feel the crunch of the beach gravel, almost smell the seaweed, and feel eyeballs vibrating at seeing the expanses of sea and islands in the distance juxtaposed with the dazzling array of textures, structures, dark barnacle lumps and humps and rock formations on the shore. The dazzling close-ups of sea glass, shells, stones, seaweed and other beach ephemera beach are all a textile artist’s inspirational dream. Thank you Anna, for this lovely visual escape from snow and slush, and for the mid-winter inspiration to mess around with fabric remnants, embroidery threads, and my own long-neglected collection of beach treasures with the intent to create a collage.

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