Wards Falls Springtime Hike

With the sun out we decided to try a short hike with our full packs. Gaby and I each carried just over 30 lbs to see how we manage.

The trail was virtually deserted, sunlight illuminated our surroundings adding springtime magic. Small waterfalls were rushing toward the stream.

Soon we spotted the 16th bridge and we could hear the water rushing through the ancient slot canyon.

We easily ascended the steep terrain despite our heavy packs.

After a brief rest we made our way back to the parking area. More magic light across the woodland terrain and birdsong kept our hearts and steps light.

What a way to spend a Friday afternoon! Wards Falls is located on Hwy 209 between Parrsboro and Diligent River, only about 10 minutes from Parrsboro. The trail is somewhat rugged with exposed roots, several wet spots which calls for hiking shoes with good tread. Trekking poles are recommended to help with balance, especially on the steeper sections. There are a total of 16 bridges leading across the winding stream. The trail is marked as 3.5 km one way, in reality the trail is approximately 6.5 km return. We took our time today with the extra pack weight and we completed the trek in just under 2 hours allowing ample time for photography and exploring the pool below the falls.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, Anna

9 thoughts on “Wards Falls Springtime Hike

  1. As much as I love waterfalls, the photos I really enjoyed here were the shadows of the trees in the water with the sunlight shining through. Thanks for sharing Anna.

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