Saturday Night in Small Town, NS…

What happens when there is a lot of penned up enthusiasm and months of social distancing? The local car club can pull together a car show in ten days or less… and people will come!

I am not really a car buff but decided to be a good sport and venture downtown when the announcement was made that the car show was scheduled for July 24th. I carried my mask… thankfully, because when I arrived at the far end of Lower Main Street the scene from the image above greeted me. I nearly turned around but I came with a friend and was about to meet up with Colin who decided to drive and park at the far end. I literally had to steel myself to face the crowd. I don’t even want to venture a guess how many people were crowding the sidewalks both ways. I kept saying to myself “I can’t remember the last time I have experienced this many people in one place.” Let’s just say, this far exceeded the 50 people for an outdoor gathering that is in place for Nova Scotia at the moment. Yes, I was anxious, but wearing a mask did help somewhat. Those of us wearing masks were definitely in the minority…

I did mention that cars are not really my interest but with my magpie tendencies I was lured in by colours and reflective surfaces.

Lines and curves will also pique my interest…

This vintage 1929 Model A garnered a lot of attention. Seeing a picture of what state it was in before the restoration is always a bonus!

And I love myself some shiny hood ornaments… I can get carried away easily capturing them from various angles.

Loved this sticker!

Here is an old station wagon that was parked on the side street but drew people in with its bright colour and chrome detailing.

Not part of the actual car show but worth mentioning was this old Cadillac with its novel solution as a response to the broken signal light…

And then I discovered a beautifully restored Victoria from my birth year. I sure wish we could undergo the same transformation as an old car…

There was musical entertainment, ice cream, hot dogs and a real sense of excitement all around. We navigated our way through the crowds up and down Lower Main but I was glad to walk back in solitude and quiet. Honestly, I experienced a bit of culture shock with all the people… I will ease into things gradually but it was great to see what Parrsboro can pull together in a very short time with restrictions gradually lifting.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoyed the post even if you are not all that keen on old cars. Have a wonderful day. Warm wishes, Anna

6 thoughts on “Saturday Night in Small Town, NS…

    1. I bet you are looking forward to the return of car shows! I didn’t seek out the vintage VW Bug gathering earlier in the day at one of the local antique places… There is always next year.


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