The Importance of Light

View from Clarke Head toward the Two Brothers, also known as Two Islands. Near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

The longer I live here, in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, the more grateful I am! I used to love tavelling as it offered countless opportunities to explore, capture special discoveries and breath-taking scenery with my camera only to move on in the hope that I was there at just the “right” time to make the best image… and we all know that this rarely happens. These days travel is not so easy and I have come to realize that revisiting the beaches I explored already offer new perspectives and fresh insights every time I return.

When I first made strides to settle into our new surroundings I could often be heard exclaiming “This is my favourite beach!” or “There is no place better than this for photographing…” These days I can’t decide which beach is my true favourite. Each and every exploration yields new insights and photo opportunities I never considered before. It’s not just the scenery that changes constantly due to the tides, cloud formations, weather conditions and the seasons. I have come to really appreciate all I have ever learned about light and its properties and how to optimize the nuances to get closer to my perfect image.

I embarked on studying photography in a formal way nine years ago. I had enrolled in an online travel photography course which wet my proverbial appetite to learn more. Then I took the plunge to not only embrace the practical aspects of photography but also learn the technical side. It was a whole new adventure of reading, comprehending and eventually applying the knowledge I was gaining. I was finally getting to know my camera settings, what they can do to aid me in meeting the proper white balance and aperture settings, which lens and filter to use when, how long the exposure setting should be, and when it was more advantageous to shoot in Aperture instead of Manual setting. I also learned to clean my own camera sensor, tested for dead pixels in the sensor and so many more things that are good to know, just in case. I received my Diploma in Photography in 2013 but the path to learn has continued to lead me forward.

The topic of light is always in the foreground, in focus (pun intended) so to speak. Light conditions change constantly, minute by minute, day by day, from season to season. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to explore the outdoors as the sun does not travel so high in the sky. The sun’s lower path yields richer colours naturally. As the days shorten we don’t have to get up so early to capture breath-taking sunrise scenes and we don’t have to wait so long for the Golden Hour near sunset for more richly illuminated images.

In this post I am sharing the same view captured and spaced about 15 minutes apart and near sunset. Each image presents a certain allure, but just look at what happens when the sun slips closer to the horizon…

I hope you found this post interesting and educational at the same time. The images I present on my blog are captured with my iPhone XR, no post processing, no filters and no special apps or special tricks. I look for natural light and utilize it for the most optimal outcome.

May your week be filled with ever-changing sunlight and countless photo opportunities along the way. Best wishes and happy shooting, Anna

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