Watching the Daytime Sky

I woke up before sunrise yesterday morning and decided to embark on an early morning walk. I clocked 10 km before 9 a.m. What a way to start the day! I had hoped for the sunrise to paint the sky brightly, instead the colours were soft… I called it a ‘cotton candy sky’ in my Instagram post.

The day passed quickly with several meetings and facilitating a lengthy Zoom session. When I was finally ready to sit down for dinner I looked out the living room window and discovered a virtual painting created by Mother Nature. I grabbed my camera and headed outside. The view from the east facing deck caused me to pause and take a look to the west… I have no words but I have images to share! Enjoy.

Who thinks watching the sky is wasting time? I can’t get enough of Mother Nature’s master pieces. Have a wonderful day. Best wishes, Anna

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