Looking Toward East Bay…

… and watching the tide go out from the salt marsh, this particular crow caught my attention as it was undeterred even when I approached.

This behaviour prompted me to conduct a little research. The crows we have here along the beaches and our backyard are large. In the beginning, I thought they might be ravens but the beak and tail feathers don’t meet the criteria. So, I settled for the fact that they were just very large, well-fed crows. But, I just discovered that there is a species of crows that is referred to as Fish Crows and after reading the description below I believe “our” crows here are indeed Fish Crows.

According to https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Fish_Crow/id# : “Fish Crows fit the standard crow shape: hefty, well-proportioned birds with heavy bills, sturdy legs, and broad wings. At rest, Fish Crows’ wings fall short of their medium-length, square tails.”

I love the crows in our backyard! Here is an image I captured right after we moved into our house.

There are at least two crows on this tree most days. I will keep my eyes open to create images when they congregate close to the house again.

Wishing you a day filled with sunshine and laughter. Life is too serious too often. Best wishes, Anna

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