Colour Changes

The apple trees along the roads are dropping their fruit and I see the abundance going to waste. I wish we could all band together and harvest the surplus, incorporate the fruit into desserts, perhaps dry some and putting it up for winter. We are going picking later today… but our small household will not make much of an indent in all that is available!

Red apples, ripe rose hips and plump beach plums against green leaves are a strong reminder that we are moving into fall with breakneck speed. I have a feeling that the colours are changing earlier than last year but the verdict is not yet in. I measure the colours against last year’s experience. We arrived in Parrsboro on October 16th and by the time we emerged from quarantine the leaves had dropped. I am looking forward to experiencing the full autumnal colour show from start to finish for the first time this year.

The trees are in transition and each day I notice more red maples. I feel as if I am channeling Tom Thomson, especially his painting “Autumn’s Garland”, one of my favourites.

And how is this for the money shot today? This place offers produce for sale all summer and fall. I just had to capture the pumpkins when I walked by the other day. Thanksgiving and Halloween are saved once again! No shortage of pumpkins for bakers and carvers alike!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! Stay safe and enjoy some downtime. Best wishes, Anna

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