Fresh Eyes…

…and ever-changing vistas! I treasure my early morning walks about town. I usually embark on the same loop starting from home on Willow Street alongside the Aboiteau, across Two Islands Road and through the overgrown green space behind the Fundy Geological Museum where this morning I came across this sight:

It was the time between low and high tide and the river was gently rising bringing with it the catch of the day, perhaps?

Bejeweled cobwebs and wild sunflowers lined the path as I moved toward the access point of Pier Road.

First Beach never disappoints and everyone I know has the same expression when they arrive at the Pier: “This view never gets old!”

I do enjoy the view toward the light house and beyond but I get equally drawn in by the small treasures I discover along the way. Every day is different, today I actually stumbled across a (nearly) heart-shaped piece of sea glass! And then there were those seagull feathers tucked between the seaweed covered rocks… such unexpected jewels of nature!

When the tide is not up too far I can access Second Beach to pick up Haws Road which leads back to Pier Road where signs of fall are beginning to emerge.

A whimsical landmark along my walking route on Two Islands Road…

Thanks for joining me on my short morning walk recap. Check back tomorrow for more signs of seasonal changes. Have a great Friday. Best wishes, Anna

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