Another Fundy GeoPark Tour: Part 1 – Ottawa House Museum

This special tour was a joint venture between Ottawa House Museum and the Fundy GeoPark during this week’s Ten Days in October event. What a busy time it has been so far but I was not going to let this special opportunity slip by. Fourteen eager participants gathered in front of the covered porch of the historic site to be welcomed by committed volunteer guide Ed Gilbert. Separated into two groups we enjoyed an in depth tour diving deep into the past exploring both floors of the former store turned to hotel transformed into a museum in present time.

The diorama of the former Partridge Island settlement shows in detail the prosperous and lively community that established itself in the 18th century and continued to flourish for many years.

These days the main floor is used as an event centre. From weekly story time gatherings during the summer, the double room has hosted countless blueberry tea events, Christmas Teas, bake sales, dinner theatres and more.

“Marie’s Room” is most informative as it displays large boards sharing historic events in story form covering both fact and legend. The original kitchen turned into a cafe, a fully functioning event kitchen and the genealogical research office complete the main floor.

The deep dive into history continued upstairs with each room featuring a person or group.

I loved the little school room! Just have a look at the advertising on the map… and we thought advertising in school is a recent phenomena!

As a former early childhood educator I was delighted to discover the hexagonal crayons that will not roll off the desk… another invention that is older than we realize!

Our special treat of the tour was the opportunity to step out on the balcony. The balcony is not open to the public at the moment. There are plans underway to change this in the foreseeable future with the installation of history and landscape boards. For now we felt privileged as we enjoyed the magnificent view over the Minas Basin and Partridge Island.

We were off to a great start of the day. The time was closing in on high noon and we congregated on the lovely benches on the porch for a short lunch break.

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of the tour. We moved on to the beach and climbed Partridge Island for a wonderful excursion.

Have a relaxing Saturday. May the sun shine brightly wherever you are. Best wishes, Anna

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