Infinite Possibilities…

Sometimes it is important to stand back, quietly observe and just focus on the smaller “picture”… I love heading to the beach and while I can appreciate the vast views across the water and the craggy cliffs behind me I delight in the treasures along the tide line. Aged sea glass, seagrass in various stages of decay and the various rocks and pebbles whose colours make it difficult to “just pick one”. There are scallop, mussel and clam shells mixed with broken sea urchins or fragile crab armour. Depending on the season one finds squid eggs, tiny jellyfish, but very rarely a seahorse hiding in the seagrass.

Then there is the driftwood! One log can capture my interest for hours. I observe lines, the variation of weathered wood, each log or stump with its own personality! Driftwood is such a rich source of inspiration…

May today’s images provide you with inspiration despite the lack of colour. Sending you all sunshine and warm breezes for a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities…

    1. Brenda, I am so glad you find my photos full of inspiration. I am always open to the idea of publishing a photo book… but it takes time. I am just putting my thinking cap on and perhaps start by creating a calendar. with my images. Stay tuned! Keep following! You will be among the first to find out where this photographic journey takes me.


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