Community Spirit Award 2021

This past Saturday Parrsboro was abuzz with activity and anticipation. Parrsboro is located in the heart of the Fundy GeoPark and was chosen as the location for the awards ceremony. Imagine, November 13th… and organizing an event outdoors!

This event included several local artists, invited to display and sell their work, two bands to entertain visitors and dignitaries and all of this on the Green surrounding the Bandstand. The weather through the night was not very promising but as the morning progressed the wet roads and grass dried up and by noon while we were setting up the sun came out and made us aware that we had dressed in too many layers.

While we set up our tables and waited for the official part of the afternoon to begin we were entertained by the group “All Together”, led by Parrsboro’s Band Hall director Rob Bentley on the keyboard.

Before too long the dignitaries arrived. Leading the group were the Honourable Arthur J LeBlanc and his wife, our MP Dr. Stephen Ellis, our MLA Tory Rushton as well as representatives from the MicMaw community and local governments for Cumberland and Colchester Counties.

Following the official welcome, honouring and acknowledging the MicMaw land we were gathering on and a few bars of “God Save the Queen” and “Oh Canada” Peter Hall, the MC handed the microphone over to the Lieutenant Governor Arthur J. LeBlanc. The speeches were brief but full of praise for the community and we felt quite proud about choosing Parrsboro as our place to live a little over a year ago. The community is vibrant, active, welcoming and evolving. The new playground was a vital part of why the GeoPark was this year’s recipient of the Community Spirit Award. The committee chair provided a wonderful summary of how the organizing group has progressed and once the speeches were made a group of children were invited to accept the award.

This particular event was the first in four Community Spirit Awards ceremonies following the start of the pandemic. Enthusiasm ran high and everyone in attendance applauded enthusiastically. The Acadian duo of Jacques and Guyaume entertained the crowd while His Honour Arthur J. LeBlanc and his wife Patsy mingled with the crowd and stopping by each artist’s table. He had kind words for everyone and took an interest in each person’s work. Colin and I received a heartfelt welcome from him when he realized that we had moved to Nova Scotia only last year.

The sun is setting over Parrsboro’s inner harbour on Nov. 13th, 2021

November 13th was a most memorable day. The evening sky added a perfect finish to all the activities.

Hope you enjoyed this short recap of an eventful November 13th, 2021 in the Bay of Fundy.

Have a great Monday! May it be filled with renewed energy and set the tone for the rest of the week. I woke up realizing that Christmas is less than six weeks away… Perhaps I will check out some local craft sales later this week. Stay tuned, Anna

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