Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS

When researching this particular stretch of beach in West Advocate I came across the following passage via the Fundy GeoPark website: The brick-red colour of the late Triassic Wolfville Formation at West Advocate gives this site its local name: ‘Red Rocks’. Largescale cross-bedding and trains of quartz grains record the flow of river systems coursing through the ancient valley of the Fundy Rift.

The picture above leading to the red rocks in the distance is very deceiving. It looks quite a long distance to reach the rock formations but it takes little more than 15 minutes of leisurely walking to reach these from the beach access point. I love the cottage along the way and make sure to stop and see if any new buoys have been added to the tree. The way the ropes tangle and the various stages of dilapidation of the buoys themselves always provide much entertainment.

The first time I visited here was in late 2020 and the red rocks had a powerful pull on me. The tide was higher, reaching the large rocks and with constant wave action, the sound that travelled toward me as I approached the area was something I cannot describe successfully. It was eerie, mysterious and powerful all at the same time. I wish I had made a video with sound last year as I have returned to this spot several times but never have I had the privilege to experience the ocean symphony again.

Last Thursday afternoon I found myself mesmerized by the constant wave action, the gentle breeze, warm sunshine and ancient red sandstone formation. A treat for the senses and one way to be rejuvenated by nature.

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion. Returning to the parking lot I could not resist capturing a few angles of the driftwood…

…after stumbling over a few treasures.

Check back tomorrow when I report on the special event when the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia came to town to present the first Community Spirit Award since Covid19 arrived in the province.

Happy Sunday to all! Enjoy some downtime. Perhaps take your camera out for an excursion. Best wishes, Anna

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