Destination: Parrsboro Dam

This was an excursion that was long overdue. Friends and I tried to “find” the old dam twice before but we were unsuccessful. When another friend texted to invite me along for a snowshoe excursion I decided to jump at the chance to finally find this elusive destination!

The weather was perfect. We were the first to “cut the trail” after a lovely dusting of snow. The forest was magical with fluffy snow drifting from the higher branches, sunlight breaking through the trees to cast shadows and highlight specific snow-covered spots. I was transported back to my childhood and had to pinch myself as a reminder that I was not hiking in the Bavarian Alps but making my way through a Nova Scotian forest.

The distance we travelled wasn’t too far, perhaps a mile. The last stretch went uphill but we soon heard the rushing water as we arrived at the partially frozen falls. If I thought the forest was magical, I was even more taken by the ice sculptures Mother Nature had in store for us.

Along the adjacent hillside, a wonderful cluster of icicles drew my attention and one particular sculpture located close to the dam wall called out for a closer inspection.

All four of us were busy capturing ice, light and shadow and the falling water with our cameras. We looked for creatures in the ice and found a dragon or dinosaur (or could be a camel?) and a bear…

…no matter what it was each of us saw the outing as a wonderful way to connect with each other and nature! Another afternoon well spent getting to know the Parrsboro area.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Wishing you a fantastic Tuesday. All the best, Anna

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