No matter what the weather…

We stuck to the initial plan last Sunday: Venture out around low tide and make our way to Clarke Head. I have blogged about Clarke Head in my first post last June as well as August and again on January 1st following my late December visit.

This was the first time I set out in bleak weather. The forecast was for sunny periods interspersed with clouds but when we arrived at Glooscap Campground Beach it didn’t look too promising. We persevered anyways!

I am glad we didn’t turn around: Parts of the beach were a monochromatic wonderland with sandy ripples reflecting light and showing off the texture at its best. As well, the cliffs were so different with the dusting of snow on them. We discovered textures we had not noticed before. We walked toward the large sea stack and came across large ice cakes. The particular one in the slideshow below was tinged pink from the red Bay of Fundy sand. The ice floating on the water this year suggests that the temperatures are much lower than it has been last year. A Parrsboro oldtimer suspects that the gulf stream is shifting…

About an hour into our leisurely walk the sun began to push through the cloud cover and we spotted some blue sky…

…and by the time we arrived at Clarke Head the sun shone brightly which always makes this spot even more magical!

Two Islands appeared mysterious surrounded by an icy mist. It made for a great capture! My walking companions were very happy we had followed through with our plans despite the initial chill in the air. We really enjoyed the excursion and by not pushing ourselves to reach our destination in record setting time we were not too tired when we returned to the car. It truly was a Sunday well spent!

Happy Wednesday to all of you! We are on our way to Halifax today. We hope the weather holds so we can attend to the appointments booked two months ago. Best wishes and keep active, Anna

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