Circumnavigating Two Islands

Today has been momentous: I joined a hiking friend in a walk around the Two Islands and it was amazing. I have always been fascinated by these basalt giants but after actually crossing the knee-high water at low tide toward Big Brother I have a whole new appreciation for these geological formations.

The rocky beach of the big island is not easy to master. Slow and steady was the motto. The basalt cliffs are truly breath-taking and standing below them makes one realize just how small we are… I loved catching glimpses of Little Brother, the smaller island, in the distance.

The entire hike was only about 7.5 km but we took our time stopping, creating images, enjoying the views and treading carefully across barnacle-covered rocks and wading through standing water in lower beach areas.

Treasures galore: hermit crabs scurrying to hide behind rocks, squid eggs, dulse, kelp and sea lettuce add colour to the ocean floor during low tide. There was jasper, agate and other interesting rocks too heavy to carry home.

Once we made it back to shore we spent an hour just watching the light change. Mist was rising with the incoming tide and it was difficult to find a time to leave without feeling we might miss something.

Two Islands, Big Brother and Little Brother, worthwhile exploring! Watch the tides carefully and consider asking a more experienced hike leader to show you the way.

Hope you enjoyed today’s photo tour. Happy Friday, Anna

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