July Outing to Clarke Head

It has been a glorious morning already. I just returned from a quick hike to Clarke Head, my favourite place close to Parrsboro.

After all the rain yesterday todays sunshine provides a welcome change. It is summer after all!

Not a cloud in the sky, waves crashing at the shore and not a soul in sight… the perfect start to an otherwise busy day.

Clarke Head, it’s good for the soul!

Wishing you all a fantastic Wednesday, Anna

One thought on “July Outing to Clarke Head

  1. I can certainly see why treading around this fascinating, nearby beach is good for the soul! What a fantastic array of geographically fascinating formations, rocks, live creatures, sea plants, and distant views are expertly-captured here Anna. I wonder what the soft, gelatinous, squishy pink clusters are, forming such a contrast with the squared-off rocks beneath and around them? Clearly, the huge array of views and natural textures could teasingly challenge many textile artists’ eyes. I wonder how many would be willing to attempt fibre representations of this wondrous, good-for-the-soul seaside environment which changes hour-to-hour and often less, and which, like so much of our natural world, is in great need of preservation. Thank you to you and your photography colleagues for so diligently investigating and portraying these images captured by your discerning eyes and your cameras. They ARE good for the soul to absorb from many of the far-away places in which some of us live.

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