A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…

Two years ago we explored this area for the first time. It was our first day out of quarantine (remember those days?). We donned our masks and drove down shore to see what the Fundyshore has to offer.

The image above was taken this morning while reflecting on our great life here for the past couple of years. Masks are still a necessity to protect ourselves and friends from another spike in infections. We were so hopeful that the pandemic would be behind us within a few more months. Reality checks tell us otherwise. Let’s turn to more cheerful topics:

Today concludes the Ten Days in October Festival in Parrsboro. I was honoured to be one of two judges to select the most ghoulish and the most innovative pumpkin with my fellow judge Genna. Walkers-by had the task to cast their vote for people’s choice. The weather could not have been better for this mid-day event. I skipped the Houloween Celebration with Treasure Hunt at the Geological Museum. Instead we went for a drive and stopped at our favourite Antique Store in Great Village.

Oh the treasures on offer! I loved the old hand-painted, two-sided pub sign from England… unfortunately we have no place to display it… the poison and batwing tonic jars amused me… and the antique Peak Frean biscuit tin was too special to ignore. A pristine indigenous basket was another surprise discovery! The tin and basket now reside in our house🤗…

We arrived home at high tide and when I let the pups out for their run around the yard I could not help myself but capture the fall imagery. The tidal stream has been quite high these days, one step closer and I would have had wet toes.

We are off to the Hall for a Spooky Story-time. It promises to be a spooktacular event centering around a ghostly maiden and a sunken ship… perfect for this part of the country!

Wishing you all a fantastic Saturday, Anna.

4 thoughts on “A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…

  1. What a phantasmagorical collection of jack-o-lanterns created by Parrsboro residents!! Those messy, mouthy imaginative grins must have indeed evoked lots of chuckles from passers-by. What fun to view them from afar. It must have been even more so seen up close and personal. Thanks. They are a nice treat for this Halloween Day.

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