Weekend Excursion to the Mahone Bay Area

It was a blustery day yesterday, the weather app labelled it “breezy”. Mahone Bay is always a sight to behold. I will be attending the Winter leadership module offered by the Outdoor Council of Canada here today.

Next we scouted the location of the workshop, then found our accommodation in Bridgewater followed by a lovely drive along the water to LeHave. What’s in LeHave? you ask… only the best destination you can imagine!

We discovered LeHave Bakery four years ago. With the popular bakery and cafe one finds an artisan’s Co-op and, best of all, a fabulous new and gently used bookstore! We picked up some great second hand books at amazing prices… can’t wait to peruse them more!

While heading to the bakery to meet a friend I couldn’t help but watch the wind drive the water. Here is a short video:

The bakery closes at 4 pm. They are open year-round. The light was magical when we sauntered back to the car…

…setting the tone for a great getaway weekend!

Happy Sunday, Anna

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