Perfect Weather…

…to test some recently acquired gear. It’s been quite wet here in Parrsboro along the Fundy shore. Today the weather wasn’t too sure what to do.

There was a bit of snow first thing but the rain was creating some interesting melt patterns. By the time I had my pack assembled and changed into weather appropriate gear the snow had completely disappeared and the wind was driving the rain sideways. Perfect conditions for testing my wind and waterproof clothing, the gaiters, my new carbon hiking poles and the rain cover for my knapsack.

You guessed it: I headed for Clarke Head, a nearly three hour outing. I found some treasures along the way!

The verdict is in on my gear: Woods brand (from Canadian Tire) carbon telescoping hiking poles are a dream! They are lightweight, easy to adjust and provide extra stability on uneven terrain.

The Baleaf water resistent and windproof fleece-lined pants have kept me warm and dry. I am glad I ordered two pair from Amazon. I have not found anything comparable in the store. I ordered the gaiters from Amazon as well. They were inexpensive and the reviews were mixed… I love them! I think they were around $ 12. I could make them myself but I didn’t have the waterproof nylon or the straps so I broke down and ordered instead.

The Amanda brand knapsack is from Amazon as well. It has hip and chest support belts and holds all the essential gear for guiding my beach and forest hikes. I just discovered the rain cover yesterday which made my decision to brave the weather easier today.

I wear hand-knit wool socks, hat and neck gaiter which really help regulate how warm or cool I want to be.

I am ready for the big winter solstice hike to Clarke Head tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be dry and not so windy. check back tomorrow for an update and images. There are six women taking in this hike. I am so excited!

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

3 thoughts on “Perfect Weather…

    1. Actually all the images are of the beach at low tide. With the solstice the levels fluctuate greatly from super high to extremely low. The images were taken from 3 hours to 5 hours after high tide. The large sea stack and arch are submerged several feet in water at high tide. It’s an amazing and powerful phenomena. The tide in the Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy measure up to 54’. And at a really low tide one can walk around the islands in the distance. So glad you continue to be interested in my photos and care to comment! It makes my daily posts worthwhile. Solstice Blessings!


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