Winter Solstice Hike to Clarke Head

What happens when you bring together five dynamic women for a beach hike on December 21st? Let me tell you the story in pictures and a few words…

The weather forecast was favourable! Here are the comparisons from yesterday to today:

December 20th, 2022
December 21st, 2022

There were exclamations like “best beach walk ever!” and “we are so lucky with the weather!” to “what a great thing to do on a Winter Solstice Day!” Spirits were high and smiles big!

The beach captivated everyone with sea glass, pretty coloured rocks, dulse and crabs left behind from the high tide, and then there was the ever-changing magical light…

We all tried to capture the faint rainbow between the sea stack and Little Brother Island. Can you spot it in the image below?

Our group made good time. We reached our destination, the impressive natural stone arch of Clarke Head within the hour.

The blue sky was in stark contrast to yesterday’s rainy grey sky.

Dec. 20th, 2022

After the group photo we built a small beach fire and I served hot chocolate topped with marshmallows for those who like them. I had assembled small packages with seasonal baking for each participant. It was great to see everyone enjoy their treats!🥰

Gradually the temperature dropped and the magical light disappeared. We soon gathered the empty cups, stir sticks and empty foil, put out the fire with wet sand and started our walk back toward Glooscap Campground to our vehicles.

We ran into snow and sleet along the way… which was a big surprise as it wasn’t predicted.

The steel grey sky reflected in the wet sand along the beach making for a dramatic setting.

And for just a few moments a burst of colour emerged from the sky like the moving final chapter of a favourite book, pure perfection.

My gratitude goes out to the dynamic women who chose to accompany me on this Solstice excursion. We will all remember that as of tomorrow we shall gain one second of daylight. Let’s celebrate!

Solstice Blessings to all, Anna

6 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Hike to Clarke Head

  1. Ah-h-h all you lucky souls. Such a contrast with the the brutal -32 C here, and -40 C wind chill on top of that here in Saskatchewan this morning!! Anna you can attest to the fact that we really Do have days like this here, even though people elsewhere find that hard to believe. Aren’t you glad you have escaped days like this that, at present, are evidently sweeping across the prairie from Siberia?


    1. Oh yes, those cooler temps… not looking forward to the storm predicted over Christmas…
      But it might make for some great waves! Glad you enjoyed the images. It was a very beautiful hike with like-minded people.


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