One Rock Among Many…

What makes one rock stand out among many? I am unable to explain why this particular rock face caught my attention. Walking across the rocky terrain with flat pebbles as small as the head of a pin, round pebbles the size of a small child’s head and those rocks that have fallen from a great distance only to split open once they make sudden contact with the ground my eyes scan the terrain briefly settling here and there. I take in the patterns, the textures and the colours.

This rock was too large to pick up, admire it up close or even consider lugging it home. Framing it with my camera to capture what drew me in as soon as I discovered it had to suffice. Each time I look at the image I discover new details: hearts in the centre and toward the bottom… strong line quality emphasizing depth, soft colours melding together yet each providing visual impact drawing the eye across and taking note of subtle differences.

The image draws me in, captures my attention fully and provides a way to drown out the world in its troublesome state. I feel at peace, mesmerized, my breath slows and I stay in the moment.

I hope this small meditation on a rock will set the tone for your day. May it be one filled with moments of calm and joy. Best wishes, Anna

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